Starving Children in Africa

Starving children in Africa

Starving Children in Africa

Starving Children in Africa

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If you’re here, it’s pretty certain that you are here for a purpose. And you are having some difficulties with finding the proper channel to understand the current situation in Africa and you are looking for possible support to help the starving children in Africa. I’m here to help!

It can be a daunting task to find the right information to help solve the starving children
in African issues and find the proper steps and plan of actions and options to improve the situation.

While there is no one simple fix all solution or standard organization that I can recommend, I can tell you from my own experience that most likely the problems are related to one or three of the following reasons. Natural problems - Economic issues - Social reasons

I’ll save the actual discussions for specific articles, but do want to urge you to stay engaged and active in looking for the right organization to support and eradicate starvation from Africa by donating what you can.

Well – I wish you luck and welcome your comments and feedback. Please look around our site and feel free to let us know what you think!

New Article Just Added! 5 Key Reasons Why Children Are Starving in Africa

By Thando Mavimbela
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"Starving Children in Africa"  

Turn on the television any given Sunday morning and you see them; pitiful haunted creatures with glazed and sunken eyes, too weak to swat the buzzing flies from around their little faces and distended bellies. A flood of emotions threaten to overtake you . . . mocking, challenging -- spurring one on to take immediate action. Its obvious – children are dying.

A child Africa is starving. Statistics state that over 13 million people are in desperate need of food to eat. Of those, 75,000 are starving children who are suffering from malnutrition. About half of the population is still living in slums. The people build their own mud houses topped with long silver sheets of tin, with wooden and fabricated cardboard for siding. The grey-blue haze of the morning and evenings are redolent with the pungent odor of the African slums with its open dumps and pooling raw sewages. The majority of them have no electricity or running water. The slums are not safe for a child to live, and yet most of the starving children live with one or no parent. Diseases, especially malaria, run rampart throughout the slums. This disease kills untold record numbers of children each year. There is a great need for medical supplies.

The past famines have devastated the land and hunger is the result. With late rain falls and high food prices, people are desperate for food. Farmers are struggling, and if one crop fails to produce a harvest, the result is devastating. It is an all too familiar catastrophe.

With increasing economic conditions, war, and the Hiv/Aids crisis, it is estimated that Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia will have the most children at risk for starving. What can be done to stop 1 in 10 babies from dying the first year of life? What can be done to eliminate the suffering caused by malnutrition? What can be done to extinguish the blazing fires of hunger? Food, supplies, time and medical resources must be given. Depressing? Yes. However, it need not be. A child Africa can be saved . . . if necessary -- one at a time.

Africa is a beautiful country rich in tradition and culture. It is heartbreaking to see the amplified images of hunger unfold before our eyes. Do not suppress the memory and turn away; Let the restless stir and commotion of mind evoke the giving spirit within us.

How To Help The Starving Children in Africa
by D Tadesse

World hunger is an epidemic that faces the entire planet. However, the place that is mostly publicized is Africa. There are many foundations that fight the hunger of children in Africa. Many have been around for years. This guide talks about the many ways we can help the starving children in Africa.

As mentioned, sponsoring children through various programs is one avenue to explore. These programs can be found advertising on TV from time to time. IF you want more information on them, it's a good idea to gather it online. Even better, if you know someone who has done this before, talk to them about their experience. Be sure that the program you are ready to give fifty dollars to is a legitimate place.

There are other programs out there too. Many local communities host special food drives and care drives around the holidays. These supplies go to various individuals in need. Church groups often send care packages all around the world.

To find out where these events are being held, take some time out to talk to volunteer organizations, and your religious community. Many people will have ideas to help you make up your mind. Doing a food bank or charity basket is a great idea for those who have little income who want to help anyway.

One thing that I have done in the past is participate in a text to donate program. These work by adding a specific amount to your phone bill that is then donated to the sponsoring charity. One example of this is Idol Gives Back, which is sponsored once a year by the popular reality competition.

Proceeds that are collected through text to donate programs go towards hunger in third world countries. Africa is on the list, among other countries full of children who are not getting enough to eat.

You can get creative and hold a fundraiser to get money together. Ideas of fundraisers include bake sales, yard or rummage sales, crafts, and car washes. I have participated in at least three of these things for profit for a cause. They've been fairly successful.

There are more ideas to be found. The way you help those who need it most depends on how creative you are, and where you are willing to go in order to make a difference. While you may not see the benefits of your good deed right away, rest assured, a difference has been made. Everyone can do something to help the starving children in Africa.

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